WŰRTZ: Chemical accelerators resins for panel production
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13 July 2016

WŰRTZ: Chemical accelerators resins for panel production

For the production of particleboard, MDF, LDF and OSB panels, a multitude of PAT release agents are available. Depending on the actual production processes and individual circumstances, we offer products that can be applied to the mats and conveyor belts or that can be used to treat the press plates and press bands, respectively. Over the years, we have created products that not only ensure a trouble-free production but also help to optimize additional properties of the finished boards.

PAT release agents are environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable, heat stable, & have no detrimental effect on the lamination properties. Accelerators By using PAT Accelerators it is possible to drastically reduce time critical process parameters for your panel production while maintaining the desired panel properties.
Water Repelling Agents As a natural resource, wood and wood products tend to absorb water quite easily.
PAT water repelling agents provide an effective protection against water absorption.
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