PDS GERMANY GROUP: Your global partner for spindles for spindle service and new motor spindles.
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03 May 2016

PDS GERMANY GROUP: Your global partner for spindles for spindle service and new motor spindles.

Due to its global experience in the field of motor spindles gained in more than 20 years, PDS has successfully changed from a dealer into a manufacturer of motor spindles with automatic and manual tool change. PDS has also developed into a globally operating service company for spindles of all brands and types as well as for all applications in wood, plastic, aluminium, glass and stone-working.

The PDS Group has specialized in the production of its own high-precision motor spindles, which are exactly tailored to your production needs. Apart from 2-axis milling heads for 5-axis-processing our range of products also includes aggregates, multi-spindle drilling units and various accessories such as tool holders, tool forks, collet chucks, wrenches, frequency inverters and much more.
Spindle repair and maintenance: Your professional spindle service For some time now, PDS also offers a successful spindle service for all HSC-/HPC-spindle systems, independent of brand or manufacturer, for milling, turning and grinding and for high-speed main spindles of machine tools in the metal working industry. Amongst other things, the PDS spindles service includes the across all brands spindle repair and spindle maintenance of motor spindles of any kind. With a variety of services, our spindle service is simply unique. When it comes to processing of wood, plastics, GRP, marble, glass and the demanding processing of metal and aluminium, we – as an experienced OEM and original equipper for machine tool construction, special machine construction and robot manufacturers – are a successful project partner for all chipping challenges you could think of. Do you have a not working milling spindle or do you have any questions on spindle repair or our spindle service or are you looking for the perfect motor spindle for your specific application? Then please feel free to contact us.
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