A kitchen door glued with H.B.Fuller product.
A kitchen door glued with H.B.Fuller product.
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25 January 2016

HB Fuller: High Quality Woodworking Adhesives for any application.

For over 125 years H.B.Fuller has been a leading global industrial adhesives manufacturer.

Through vision, strong leadership and spirit of collaboration, consistently deliver adhesives technology that gives rise to cutting-edge innovations and ehanced products. H.B.Fuller apply the knowledge, experience and genuity to creating smarter products that help the customers for any project.
The range of adhesives is wide and complete for any processing of wood:
- Cabinet and Countertop Adhesives
- Composite Panel Adhesives
- Furniture Glue & Adhesive
- Millwork and Profile Wrap Adhesives
- Transportation Adhesives
- Plywood Adhesive Coated Solutions

H.B. Fuller is a partner with a team that understands and meets the needs of customers, using the best state-of-art-adhesive-technologies, innovative processes.
For more information contact Mrs Raquel Monteiro:

Estr. Nactional 13, Km. 16.000
P-4486 851 MINDELO / Vila do Conte / Portugal
Tel. +351 931 648842 Fax +351 229 288195
E-mail: raquel.monteiro@hbfuller.com