From Left, Erkan Kiraz, Mehmet Penbegullu and Harun Penbegüllü. Photo Datalignum.
From Left, Erkan Kiraz, Mehmet Penbegullu and Harun Penbegüllü. Photo Datalignum.
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20 October 2015

PATENT MÜHENDISLIK TURKEY: 36 Years Experiences in manufacturing machines and industrial plants.

More than a quarter century of experience in manufacturing machines and industrial plants, and turnkey who quality projects Patent Machine, with the support of the service provided by businesses operating in 6,500 with factories in preference Gebze and Duzce, operates a total area of 11,300 m2.

Patent ambitious owner names. Project based experience in manufacturing, adequate infrastructure and the names of the machine park is located between the ambitious owner sector, Patent Machine; Quality in 2011, the "TUV-SUD ISO9001" quality management system certificate for the wood sector as MDF-CHIPBOARD -KOTRAPLAK-PARKET outside the main machinery, transport-sizing-die-stacking-sanding lines-after-glue tanks, cooling systems and their delivery systems-handling systems, gas-pipe lines outside the field of steel structures-silos-hydraulic loading platforms and private in addition to the food machinery manufacturing, chemicals, plastics, cement, energy, mining, iron and steel plants inside and outside the field turn-key project-based transportation systems, silos, steel structures, process buildings, etc. the machine also cleaning companies contracting business makes. Patent and asphalt-road construction companies and municipalities engaged in the truck-mounted equipment. These asphalt patching robot, vacuum, personnel hoist basket, garbage collection tools.
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