SISTEMI: modern design in Elegant Drawer.
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30 September 2015

SISTEMI: modern design in Elegant Drawer.

Drawer unit “Elegant, sturdy KLEIN drawer unit with an innovative, modern design and great modularity, where you can keep all your KLEIN tools in a clean, secure, well-organized place.

Say good-bye to messiness and damaged tools. Now, with the new KLEIN drawer unit, you can put your storeroom in order in a convenient, functional way.
SMALL OUTSIDE BUT LARGE INSIDE the KLEIN drawer unit takes up little space but can contain countless articles in its 10 drawers
and 80 containers (8 containers per drawer).

It’s STURDY; since each drawer can hold around 8 kg.

It’s LIGHT; since it’s made of a high-strength polypropylene co-polymer.

It’s SECURE; since each drawer has its own key.

It’s PRACTICAL; since it can be equipped with 4 casters for convenient movement or with slip-resistant feet.

It’s CONVENIENT; since it features a wooden top which acts as a practical surface for taking notes or keeping tools.

it’s VERSATILE; since the tubs in the drawers can be removed easily as desired.

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