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Homag & Holzma Treff, 22-25 September 2015 in Schopfloch/Germany.
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13 July 2015

Homag & Holzma Treff, 22-25 September 2015 in Schopfloch/Germany.

From small to large: Efficient and networked solutions for everyone from trade through to industry. HOMAG Treff in Schopfloch: From September 22–25, at an exhibition area spanning over 10,000 m² in Schopfloch, HOMAG is presenting innovative machines, plants, and service concepts. Fantastic insights into transparent production over an area of around 50,000 m² and the presentation of the new "CompetenceCenter Surface" will make a visit to the HOMAG Treff an experience not to be missed.
Small to large-scale solutions, all in line with the motto "Growing with the HOMAG Group", show that the main theme of LIGNA — furniture production on the way to Industry 4.0 — is not reserved exclusively for industrial businesses. Networked machines and integrated data flows are the key to being competitive today, regardless of whether the business is a small trade or an industrial operation.
The advantages show how important networking is in furniture production today:
- Workpiece data only has to be entered once; data is prepared for production via rule-based systems.
- Avoidance of sources of error (manual interventions in production data are no longer necessary).
- Highly efficient production, maximization of potential.
- Maximum flexibility and a high level of individuality in end products.
- Less waste, reduced storage area.
- Paperless production.
- Individual furniture tailored completely to the customer's wishes — at the same cost as series production.
Technical features on individual machines also have great potential for impressing Treff visitors this year: In the throughfeed range, HOMAG is presenting numerous special features in edge technology: from processing shaped parts in throughfeed mode, through edging 45° corners, up to door rebate gluing with airTec and a thick edge for robust edges with a zero joint look. Especially designed for today's craftsmen, HOMAG is presenting the new KAL 370 edge banding machines and clever unit combinations on the machines for the new Ambition range, providing individual solutions for trade and industry on an optimized platform with price and performance advantages. For industrial companies, there is a live high-tech demonstration of batch size 1 plants for furniture and construction element production, with impressive features.
There is also a focus on surface processing in the new "CompetenceCenter Surface". Anyone wanting to produce high-quality surfaces will be impressed by the sanding options offered by BÜTFERING as well as the surface lamination provided by the one-sided HOMAG laminating machine, not to mention the reacTec process and the latest technology for profile casing specialists.
"Everything under control" is the motto in manufacturing of component parts, with the presentation of the new BMB 800/900 power Profiler machine concept live in action. Global experience from 20 years of CNC processing centers for timber window production is the basis for the new generation of machines. The benefits:
- The new gripping and clamping technology opens up new opportunities in profile design.
- High performance in a small space: simultaneous processing of multiple components, faster tool change, loading and removal in one place.
- Everything in one machine: integration of all components (straight parts, curved parts, doors, and supplementary elements).
CNC processing with the new Venture range: Individuality becomes the standard with this range, from CNC entry-level models to high-tech five-axis processing centers or machines with gluing technology.
What's more, all HOMAG CNC processing centers are fitted with the new generation of extraction hoods. Providing optimized collection and removal of chips, these extraction hoods combine a better suction result with lower air requirements. This solution has reduced the energy required in sample processing by up to 30% while also improving the degree of suction by 25%.
For more information contact Mr Alexander Prokisch, Marketing Director:

Homag Strasse 3–5
D-72296 SCHOPFLOCH / Germany
Tel +49 07443 13 2588
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