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The new HOMAG power Profiler BMB 800/900.
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14 July 2015

The new HOMAG power Profiler BMB 800/900.

World premiere in Schopfloch: last days, on July 7 and 8, HOMAG presented the new power Profiler BMB800/900. A versatile machine with more options and more power for window production. The new power Profiler processing centers are impressive across the entire range: the machines in this completely revised series each demonstrate high performance in a small space and provide an opportunity for processing all components efficiently in one machine. Additional options for profile design and an extended performance range make the machines in the new BMB 800/900 series the first choice for efficient and future-proof window production.

A firm "grip" on everything: progress thanks to clamping technology
The new gripping and clamping technology opens up new opportunities in profile design. It is now possible to clamp and re-clamp the components freely in the collect chucks in all three directions. The clamps can be adjusted relative to one another and, if necessary (e.g. olive drill holes) be swiveled away. Free clamping in terms of height opens up completely new opportunities: when being re-clamped, components can also be clamped in the rabbet — this enables a complete, free, six-sided processing for narrow profiles, such as the current integral profiles.

Up to 50 window units per shift in a small space
The basic concept is based on a solid gantry bridge, the beam table with one or two independently movable rows of clamps (depending on the performance requirement), and the gripping unit for loading, clamping, and removing the components. The trimming spindles, processing units, tool change systems, and tables can be configured individually, allowing the machine to accommodate four parts simultaneously and for processing to be performed in parallel at both tables. At one and the same time, processing can be taking place at one of the tables while components are being clamped, loaded, or removed at the other table. The result: a significant increase in performance compared to solutions previously available on the market, as well as consistent scalability of performance from 15 to 50 window units per shift — and all that in a compact installation area with loading and removal in one place.

ToolTower tool storage system: faster, bigger, better
High capacity, short tool change times, accommodation of large and heavy tools: many tool systems meet only one of these important criteria for window construction. In contrast, the new ToolTower tool memory meets all of these demands. Generous distances between chucks enable the memory to be loaded without any gaps, even for large tools with double-record length. Up to four plates positioned above one another ensure full capacity to tool slots. The swivel arm ensures short non-productive times and a fast tool change: the new tool is prepared during processing and is in a waiting position so that only a short swiveling movement is necessary for the tool change.

From XS to XXXL
More than "just" windows: with part lengths of up to 4200 mm in the standard sequence and up to 6000 mm with single feed, part thicknesses up to 180 mm and widths up to 230 mm, the powerProfiler covers much more than just the standard range. It can also be used for complete processing of construction elements for conservatories and facades to CNC precision. Delicate staves can also be produced easily thanks to a minimum part dimension of 170/20/20 mm in automatic mode.

Everything in one machine
One machine, one data connection to the work preparation software, one tool set: the dockable console table makes the power Profiler a valuable surface processing center with all options, allowing complete processing of curved parts, round windows, and supplementary elements which would otherwise need to be processed on other machines.

Economical and future-proof
Economical window production is based on having as few work steps as possible and a low level of personnel. At the same time, the machine operator should have the freedom to perform additional activities efficiently or to organize the provision of material and the machine environment. This is guaranteed by the complete processing of the components by the machine—even for special fixtures—and autonomous operation of up to two hours thanks to the parts memory in the infeed and outfeed tables. The automation can be expanded on a modular basis with optional transport carriage loading systems and interlinking with cutting, planning, and flushing systems. The road is clear for any future trends thanks to an extensive unit module with up to five-axis technology and the innovative clamping technology: regardless of whether you want to process conventional or new corner connections, windows for old buildings or new cross-sections with narrow view widths.
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