HANS HUNDEGGER, at the Ligna/Hannover launched once again a variety of new products.
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27 May 2015

HANS HUNDEGGER, at the Ligna/Hannover launched once again a variety of new products.

High-tech joinery machines from Bavaria are the stars at the "LIGNA" trade fair in Hannover. Hans Hundegger AG again launched a wide range of new products to showcase "Innovation in timber engineering".
As a low-cost variant, the flexible joinery machine "ROBOT-Drive Solo" is the ideal entry-level solution and provided to be a sensation at this year's fair. HUNDEGGER machines convince with their outstanding functionality in practical use and their moderate price and are therefore of interest to small workshops and medium-sized businesses.
"Innovation in timber engineering – this is the core competence of our company", says company director Hans Hundegger. At the Ligna trade fair, an international audience of timber construction experts see for themselves the innovative strength of the quality manufacturer from the Allgäu region of Germany: Each and every new product from the market leader in joinery machinery attracts the interest of trade fair visitors. Over the five days of the Hannover trade fair, company owner Hans Hundegger greeted specialists from trade and industry: International visitors were able to pick up the very latest information on the state-of-the-art technology.
Apart from the "K2i", the joinery machine "ROBOT-Drive SOLO" proved to be a sensation: From the CAD drawing to the finished part – the "ROBOT-Drive Solo" is now also offered as a low-cost variant without additional saw unit and, even in the Solo version, can process all parts from six sides at any angle and inclination – and all this in a single run, without the part needing to be rotated or turned. This enables surfaces to be produced in visual quality.
As at other trade fairs, the centre of attention in Hannover was the "flagship" of the Hundegger product range: The joinery machine "K2i", the flexible high-performance machine for all timber construction companies which demonstrates its strengths whenever top performance and flexibility are required. Thanks to a series of ingenious solutions, the development department at Hans Hundegger AG has once again succeeded in further optimizing this top product and making it even more versatile. The results are impressive: The "K2i" has become a joinery machine that, in addition to its primary task, can also dowel and finish high-quality stacked timber elements.
Hans Hundegger AG attaches great importance to software development which enables perfect, made-to-measure solutions for the customer. Under the name "Cambium", Hundegger offers a standardised production platform for all machines produced by the quality manufacturer from the Allgäu.

About Hans Hundegger AG
For many years, Hans Hundegger AG has been the global market leader for CNC-controlled joinery machines and has secured a market share of more than 90 percent thanks to the universal and flexible application possibilities for these machines in all areas of timber construction, from carpentry joinery, contract joinery, timber frame construction, log house construction, prefabricated house construction, glulam joinery to the production of playground equipment. Owing to their modular construction, the extremely flexible CNC machines can be quickly and perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. The high precision and quality of the fully automatic machines will increase the efficiency and competitiveness of every timber construction factory – from small to large-scale enterprises.
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