50th Years celebration activity in the sector of our Editor Pietro Stroppa.
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22 September 2015

50th Years celebration activity in the sector of our Editor Pietro Stroppa.

Pietro Stroppa, born in Rome in December 1943, has been living and working in Milan for 50 years. Skiful expert in raw materials, technologies and consumer markets within the furniture industry, he began working in this sector in 1965 as a salesman for the company Indart in Rome. He subseguently worked as a sales manager and later as a Director in commercial and marketing divisions of important companies, such as Formica (here invented the finishing Embossed in 1971) and Masonite.
In 1975 he attended a stage organized by the Company Management of the Bocconi University of Milan of Strategic Marketing, where he was able to deepen is interest on this subject. Thanks to his different and various experience, Pietro Stroppa was mentioned by Confindustria in Rome (The Italian Confederation Industries) during a national TV programme on “Youth and Labour”. To underline the importance of this issue, the programme was presented by the Minister of Labour, Vincenzo Scotti, and dealt with all the problems young people encounter in the working environment. The interview was broadcasted on Italian television RAI One on Monday 9th April 1979.
His passion for market researches led him to publish several studies on technical magazines within the wood and furniture sector in Italy, including report on materials and technologies adopted by the companies. In March 1982 he set up a Publishing House Datalignum specialized in magazines and periodical monographic marketing books. During the past twenty years, Pietro Stroppa, in addition to his position as Editor, has also worked as a Consultant for various important European Industries of the sector.
In January 2000 founded in Canterbury/UK the company Datalignum.com Ltd, which has launched on the worldwide market the first internet search engine www.datalignum.com that today in “The One” because it has the research also to products categories.
For to understand the importance of this professional tools you can surfing inside www.datalignum.com and use without password.
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- Commercial Office in Milan/ Italy: +39 02 66101160.
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