SISTEMI-KLEIN: the new chip conveyor Tornado.
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21 May 2015

SISTEMI-KLEIN: the new chip conveyor Tornado.

TORNADO: the new chip conveyor clamping nut helps both dust and chip evacuation during nesting and conventional CNC routing operations. Easy to assemble directly on the collet chuck instead of the standard nut, the new Klein TORNADO provides a big improvement of dust evacuation, removing it from the working piece directly to the centralized extraction system of the machine.

HOTBLOCK: the new thermal shrink collet chucks are high precision collet chuck which ensure more precision having less coupling thanks to its special tight on the shank tool by thermal clamping. First, the collet tip is heated with a special heater unit, causing it to expand. The cutter shank is then inserted, and the collet is cooled to ambient temperature. This causes the collet to contract precisely around the cutter shank with a special eccentricity less than 3 micron, therefore the highest precision and stability for high performance.

SNAP SYSTEM: With this new software for the Preset Leader it is extremely simple to upload and recall a tool profile in DXF format. The file is memorized on the SSD drive of the PC within the presetter. Once the profile is recalled it can be positioned next to the actual tool profile in order to compare them and their possible differences. The possibility to generate reports completes the functionality of this essential tool verification software.
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