Kastamonuís view on International Wood-Based Panel Industry.
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29 October 2015

Kastamonuís view on International Wood-Based Panel Industry.

We receive and publish two histograms “Global Player” sent to us by the Marketing Director of Kastamonu Group, Mr. Ferhat Naci Gungor, from WBPI’s information.

Before commenting briefly statistics I want to make an introduction.
Over the years, market dynamics have resulted in significant changes in all sectors. Some companies have closed down, above all in the plywood sector, some have been restructured and others have continued to invest in news systems and equipment. Kastamonu Group is an example that in the recent years has invested 700 million USD in new factories in Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and Turkey.
 The histogram received are two: one for Worldwide ranking MDF+Particleboard+OSB and the second for the European ranking market, including Turkey.
In Worldwide’s histogram the first position are 14th and Kastamonu has the eighth position with a production of 4.6 million cm/year.
In the European the first positions are 16th and Kastamonu is the fourth: This demonstrates the overwhelming expansion of the Turkish Group.
It’s clear that in some positions, the difference between the industries is 100,000 cm/years and so it is difficult to give an exact ranking in the histogram.
In the first positions capacity the differences are evident.
The histograms are built on assumptions and other important aspect is the human error. The Chinese Buddhist philosophy says:” Right is the error, you must understand that he made man and not God.”
So, with respect for all industries, my personal opinion is that statistics must be considered with caution.

 The industries mentioned are invited to send me their views and comments on these histograms.

Pietro Stroppa
Datalignum’s Editor