RUPES orbital sanders awarded for their safety.
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30 September 2015

RUPES orbital sanders awarded for their safety.

The Dutch TNO attests minimal levels of dust concentration in wood sanding for the RUPES LE71T/E mini orbital sanders.

Another success for RUPES! RUPES LE71T/E mini orbital sanders, in combination with the RUPES add-on filter, have achieved the TNO certification, attesting to the low- dust production during sanding operations for continuous use up to 2 hours.

TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) is a leading independent scientific institute, focused on the joint creation of economic and social value through research on Industry, Healthy Living, Defence, Safety & Security, Urbanization and Energy issues.

TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way.

The Institute has focused intensively upon innovative improvements to power tools, processes and workplace design in the industrial environment. The main purpose of these efforts is to create low-dust production processes. TNO performance tests check that relevant statutory and in-house occupational exposure limits (OELs) for hazardous substances such as crystalline silica, hardwood dust and hexavalent chromium are not exceeded in areas where they may be inhaled by workers in the course of their everyday duties.

The test results confirm that when RUPES orbital vacuum sanders are used dangerous substances are significantly below the permitted level.
In light-use conditions (1 hour sanding), exposure to wood dust at OEL for RUPES LE71T/E generates a reading of not more than 1,04 mg/ m3, while the maximum concentration of inhalable wood dust level, permitted by law, in The Netherlands is 2.0 mg/m3.

This means that the RUPES system allows the operator to sand for at least two continuous hours with maximum safety, minimizing risks for the worker’s health and maximizing environmental compliance. This is possible thanks to the polyester filter unit with which the machines are equipped. The polyester technology increases filtration efficiency and is far more effective than traditional woven or paper filters. An added advantage is that the polyester filter lasts far longer than its woven or paper counterparts.

The filter unit is specifically designed for the extraction of dust generated by the sanding of wood, plastic, metal, plaster and many other surfaces. The cyclonic effect separates dust from air flow, and gravity forces the dust particles to fall into the capture area of the container, filtering up to 80% of the dust load.

LE71T/E is the first sander in earning this prestigious award and confirms the RUPES commitment to provide not just tools, but entire systems that result in safer and more efficient workplaces.

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