Fantoniís commitment to economic recovery.
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24 September 2015

Fantoniís commitment to economic recovery.

Osoppo, 31 July 2015 / 30 August 2015.
The MDF Plaxil 6 Line in Osoppo/Udine/Italy, one of the main production facilities in Europe, was damaged during a fire on the night of 31 July.
The intervention of the Fire Brigade and the Fire Teams Company was able to limit the extent of damage caused by the incident, ensuring the safety of all operators as well as at the other facilities which continued their production.
- 120 meters of pressing line engulfed in flames.
- 149 companies involved and 476 participants.
- 24 consecutive hours of work for 30 days.

With admiration and gratitude
Fantoni thanks everyone involved
in this extraordinary reconstruction.

For more information contact Mrs Rosita Venturini:
Fantoni Group
Z. I. Rivoli
I-33010 Osoppo / Udine / Italy
Tel. 0432 976282