Ralf Spindler joined the board of Directors of Gim-Export Group GmbH in Göttingen / Germany.
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01 April 2015

Ralf Spindler joined the board of Directors of Gim-Export Group GmbH in Göttingen / Germany.

On March 1st, 2015, Ralf Spindler joined the board of directors of Gim-Export Group GmbH & Co. KG. Spindler has gained a broad experience in international business from his previous activities – he has been working with Robert Bürkle GmbH as Director for Sales and Marketing during the last twelve years. He already knows important Turkish customers of Gim-Export Group from previous projects and is well aware of their needs. In addition to offering service and support to existing customers in Turkey, the international expansion of Gim-Export’s activities to other countries will be one of Spindler’s key tasks.
Founder, managing partner and Ceo of Gim-Export Group, Michael P. Krocker: “Having Spindler on board is a large asset for our company not only with regards to new markets, but also in our daily business activities. We will offer our joined experience to new customers and work with our German partners to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.“
“I am excited to bring my deep knowledge of the woodworking industry into this dynamic company and cannot wait to add a chapter to Gim-Export Group’s success story together with my new colleagues “, says Spindler on joining the company.
The company that was founded in 1979 by Michael P. Krocker started preparing for the next generation in 2011 already. With Spindler joining the company, Gim-Export Group is now aiming for more international business.
“We got to know Ralf Spindler as a business partner and supplier when working on a project for our Turkish customer. Cooperation worked out really well, and we now want to create new impulses for our company by having him on board“.

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