GENTAS Group Turkey has taken over the LIRI HPL Factory in Pont Canavese/ Torino/ Italy.
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17 December 2014

GENTAS Group Turkey has taken over the LIRI HPL Factory in Pont Canavese/ Torino/ Italy.

Message from the Gentas’s President, Mr Orhan Kahraman: “We have the great pleasure to announce that the historical LIRI brand will keep being part of our market. Gentas Group, through the newly established company Gentas Italy Srl, has taken over the LIRI HPL factory in Pont Canavese.
Gentas Group, despite their 10 presses, 7 HPL and 3 CPL, installed in Turkey, needs more capacity, that is now available in the LIRI factory, where there are 5 more HPL presses.
The synergy between the size ranges produced in Turkey and Italy makes of Gentas Group the absolute leader in the world market, able to deliver HPL and CPL to any Country and for any application.
The LIRI factory is going to allow the Gentas Group to be closer to the European market, with shorter transit times and no custom involved.
Gentas Group has the capability of starting again a Company like LIRI.
We have the financial power, the technical knowledge, the raw material availability, the contractual power with suppliers.
For all these reasons it appears clear that this acquisition has been a very strategic move for the Gentas Group.
The LIRI production has already restarted in the month of August with one press and it will take some time to achieve the introduction of decors, finishes, products in the market, but we are confident that you will be giving us your support. We think all of you suffered for the loss of LIRI, one key player in the HPL market, and we are sure you consider still vital the LIRI offer. You are welcome anytime to visit the LIRI factory in Pont. With the hope of having the chance of meeting each other personally, I send you my most sincere regards.”

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