Byobu radiator, designed by Marc Sadler.
Byobu radiator, designed by Marc Sadler.

08 June 2021


Byobu radiator by Antrax IT, designed by Marc Sadler, derives from the idea of a moving object inviting to interaction, at the same time performing functional and technical needs in its essential design. Inspired by the typical Japanese decorative folding screen, from which it takes its name, Byobu is composed by one or two 100% recyclable aluminum panels swiveling around a central pin. They can be moved both, as doors, and positioned on the right or the left to hide bathrobes. towels or clothing. These can be hung on the “Momoko”,’ momoko’ the accessory hook supplied with the radiator, either on its own or in series, in the same or contrasting colour with the heating body.

“In the last decades the bathroom has undergone a real revolution: from an area dedicated to essential functions, a perfect efficient machine to a private and sensory oasis, for relaxation and wellness. With both its practical and aesthetic function, Byobu is located exactly in the middle and guarantees the necessary personalization” says Marc Sadler.
Available in over 200 colors as from catalogue and in the hydraulic or electric version, Byobu was therefore born as a technical object - characterized by high performance, coming to operation and running very quickly - and a piece of furniture, that can be easily placed not only in the bathroom, but in an entrance, in the kitchen, in the living room. It is a versatile, contemporary project with sustainable properties: qualities that have led to its inclusion in the ADI Design Index 2020.
"Byobu is the fifth product to enter the ADI Design Index selection, a confirmation of the commitment that our company has always dedicated to design and its evolution, with an increasing attention to the resources’ consumption and people’s well-being”, comments Alberico Crosetta, CEO of Antrax IT, who continues: “ An important result, which further rewards us in this year linked to the celebration of our 25th anniversary ”.

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