RED DOT AWARD for BORA CLASSIC. Revolutionary ventilation technology wins world-renowned design price.

15 June 2012

RED DOT AWARD for BORA CLASSIC. Revolutionary ventilation technology wins world-renowned design price.

More tailwind for BORA Lüftungstechnik: the BORA Classic innovative cooktop extraction system has now received the sought-after red dot award for product design in 2012. The look and feel, including the tactile feel of the surface and the functionality of the premium cooktops and the patented cooktop extractor, which takes the vapour directly from the cooktop, convinced the jury of experts. BORA Lüftungstechnik thus presented their abilities in an international comparison with well-known designers and aspiring talent. All BORA Classic products now bear a red dot and thus a seal of quality that is recognised throughout the world.
Despite all the praise for the design, functionality and the resultant new possibilities for kitchen deign is the main focus of BORA Classic. Whereas it was previously necessary to plan "around" the vapour extraction hood, the patented BORA Classic cooktop extractor with its slick modern design, a space-saving solution, promises absolute design freedom at a reasonable price. The special feature is that the extractor is located between the cooking surfaces and routes the vapour downwards. BORA Classic can be operated intuitively and easily using a modern touch-display. BORA Classic is a smart way to open new possibilities for kitchen design. The premium, high-quality cooktop extractors can be installed in all worktops both flush or surface mounted. The system is hidden in a lower cupboard, without reducing storage space in the process.

The company
BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH, headquartered in the Upper Bavarian town of Raubling, offers intelligent solutions based on flexible components, thus changing the behaviour and architecture in the kitchen living environment. Driven by the aspirations of an inventor and the standards of a premium supplier, since 2007 BORA has successfully developed and sold cooktop extractor fan systems in Germany and throughout Europe, which – thanks to a patented technology – effectively draw off cooking fumes in a downward direction. BORA have proven their future viability with its uninterruptedly strong growth. Already in 2009, the company received an award within the scope of the innovation competition "365 Orte im Land der Ideen" (365 Locations in the Land of Ideas), and in 2010 was honoured with the "Deutsche Gründerpreis" (German Founder's Prize) in the StartUp category.
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