The New Plastics Industry Awards

25 February 2010

The New Plastics Industry Awards

The Plastics Industry Awards are 10 years old this year and Crain Communications, organiser of the awards, has announced innovations aimed at moving the prestigious awards forward into the new decade.
The Plastics Industry Awards 2010 will include radical changes to the categories for suppliers of materials, machinery and moulds. There will be no voting for suppliers as in the previous awards. Supplier companies must submit a written entry about work they have done with one customer, and all entries will be judged by panels of industry experts selected for each of the six Supplier Partnership Awards.
Partnership between supplier and processor is the cornerstone of the UK industry and is the focus of six categories in The Plastics Industry Awards 2010. Suppliers must consider the great work they are doing with their customers and then put together their entries for judging by panels of industry experts. There will be no voting system for suppliers as in previous years.
Plastics processors can enter their own categories as they have done in the past, including the highly coveted Processor of the Year award.
A brand new award for young designers has also been launched by Agentdraw, the product design, development and manufacturing company, in association with Crain Communications. Shortlisted entrants will see their product ideas taken through a series of design and prototyping stages, with the winner being given the chance to see their design put into serial production.

The Plastics Industry Awards 2010 Categories
Processor of the Year
Best Business Initiative
Best Environmental or Energy Efficiency Programme
Best Technology Application
Best Training and Development Programme
Consumer Product Design
Industrial Product Design
Apprentice or Trainee of the Year
Agentdraw Young Designer Award
Supplier Partnership - Prime Machinery
Supplier Partnership - Ancillary Machinery
Supplier Partnership - Polymer Producer
Supplier Partnership - Polymer Distributor
Supplier Partnership - Masterbatch/Compound/Additive
Supplier Partnership - Toolmaker