The Minister for the Environment, Gian Luca Galletti (center). From right, Giovanni Fantoni (Fantoniís M.D.), Paolo Fantoni (President EPF) and Paolo Urbani (Mayor of Gemona).
The Minister for the Environment, Gian Luca Galletti (center). From right, Giovanni Fantoni (Fantoniís M.D.), Paolo Fantoni (President EPF) and Paolo Urbani (Mayor of Gemona).

28 January 2016

The Minister for the Environment Gian Luca Galletti meets Paolo Fantoni, European President of EPF (European Panel Federation), to discuss hot topics regarding wood recycling.

Following the encounter with the Mayor of Gemona, Paolo Urbani, and the visit to the most characteristics monuments from the period of reconstruction after the earthquake, the Minister was welcomed by the complete Board of Directors of the Fantoni firm in Osoppo, where he met Paolo Fantoni, President of EPF, the European Federation of producers of panels (Chipboard, MDF, OSB, wet Process Fibre and Plywood), with a total output of 55 million m3 per year.

In addition to visiting the production lines and receiving an explanation from Giovanni Fantoni of the project for the new Plaxil 8 plant planned for January 2017, the reason for the visit to the Osoppo firm’s headquarters was to take a closer look at the ways in which recycled wood is managed. In Italy, which tops the European tables when it comes to wood recycling, the panel industry recycles approx. 3 million tonnes of wood waste a year, mainly through the collection consortium Rilegno, which enjoys an outstanding international reputation for the production of wood-based panels. The encounter with the Minister dealt with the questions regarding End of Waste, so that recycled wood materials from a variety of resources (the Rilegno platform, demolition, processing waste from the furniture sector) can be used with increasing ease as a raw material for the panel production cycle. Within the framework of the Circular Economy, the wood industry is among the most virtuous, and while there is finally widespread consensus on principle of the cascading use of wood, the problem the industry now faces is how to set out in detail the priorities for the use of the materials in production processes, and how this should be regulated at local level. Another matter discussed was the process, at European level, of Extended Producer Responsibility, with furniture manufacturers also called upon to take greater responsibility for the process of recovery and disposal of furniture right through to the end of the products’ life cycle. The Minister’s visit concluded with an inspection of the area where recycled material is collected, and of the Plaxil 6 line, recently restored following the complex fire in summer 2015.
Paolo Fantoni then invited the Minister to the next General Meeting of the European Panel Federation, to be held from 6 to 8 July at Molino Stucky in Venice, with some 200 European delegates attending.
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