PAVATEX Group inaugurates new factory in Golbey/France next Thursday 26th September.

24 September 2013

PAVATEX Group inaugurates new factory in Golbey/France next Thursday 26th September.

Since 1932, the Swiss PAVATEX Group has firmly established itself as a leading manufacturer of modern and sustainable woodfibre insulation material for the building envelope.
When insulating buildings, the building owner can choose between many different suppliers of insulating systems. PAVATEX is the only supplier in this field that specialises consistently in high-quality woodfibre insulating systems for the building envelope. Over 80 years of experience and the constant development of new products and further development of existing ones make PAVATEX one of the leading suppliers worldwide. Modern insulating materials have to fulfil various functions. The sustainable system solutions from PAVATEX combine all these functions in a unique way. The natural PAVATEX wood-fibre insulating systems offer outstanding protection against warmth, heat, noise and fire. Beyond that, PAVATEX products also enable a high degree of vapour permeability in order to ensure the necessary moisture exchange while at the same time providing air-tightness for the avoidance of mould and condensation damage. All this makes the PAVATEX systems the most valuable Swiss quality products.
There are various manufacturers for wood-fiber products across Europe. PAVATEX is the only one among these suppliers who has been consistently specialising in the segment of premium wood fiber insulation systems for building shells. More than 95% of the products produced by PAVATEX are installed in the challenging applications of building shells in new buildings and reconstructions. Products made of soft wood fibers are a rapidly growing niche product in the market for insulating materials.
PAVATEX stands for sustainability and ecological construction. The environmental aspect has played an outstanding role since the founding of the company. Well insulated buildings rank among the most important factors of climate protection measures. Through the use of PAVATEX wood-fibre insulation materials, energy requirements are lowered, emissions of CO2 are reduced and carbon is bound by the structural use of wood. By connecting climate protection with living comfort, PAVATEX systems represent the perfect building envelope for sustainable building projects.
In addition, PAVATEX production sites are among the highest performing and environmentally friendliest in the industry. PAVATEX pays attention to sustainability with regard to raw materials as well as manufacturing and transport. All this makes PAVATEX insulating materials ecological and natural products.
PAVATEX Group with its top company PAVATEX Holding AG is based in Cham in the canton of Zug (Switzerland). Operative business in Europe is conducted by the 100 % subsidiary company PAVATEX SA (Fribourg, Switzerland) and its national companies in Germany/Austria, France and the Benelux. The Japanese subsidiary PAVATEX Japan K.K., is responsible for sales in Asia. Partner companies distribute PAVATEX insulating systems in Italy, the UK, Scandinavia, Spain, Romania and Ukraine. The production plants are located in the Swiss towns of Cham and in Fribourg and now in Golbey/France too.
The company has been one of the pioneers in the industry since its establishment in 1936 and continually sets trends with comprehensive system solutions. Over 200 employees achieve an annual turnover of more than 100 million CHF.
Today, PAVATEX Holding AG belongs to Chemolio Holding AG (33%), Martin Brettenthaler (25%) and BeCapital (25%). Further shares are held by Norske Skog, the Institute Lorrain des Participations and Fonds Lorrain des Matériaux as well as by the board of directors and the cadre.
Martin Brettenthaler, CEO Delegate of the Board, told us: “Pavatex optimizes the range of its products with experience, know-how and innovation since decades and creates multi-functional and customized insulation systems with perfectly matching components.”

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