Dascanova at Ligna: The magic Power of Innovation .....

31 May 2013

Dascanova at Ligna: The magic Power of Innovation .....

The First Presentation of Computer Controlled 3D Material Modification Device for MDF and Particleboard Production.
The Dascanova Company presented for the first time the third generation of its material modification technology at the Ligna 2013 fair in Hannover, Germany. In contrast to the previous innovations, the user-defined 3D structure could be selective modified at full speed production directly in the forming station. The modified local areas in the fibre or particle material are subsequently transformed into the areas with higher density during the press process.
Moreover, this simplified Dascanova Technology allows an application of various additives (e.g. flame retardant) into different levels and/or defined shapes. Unlike current solutions, the main advantage of this technology is limited number of tubular elements, which need to be installed in the forming station (Fig. 1). Those elements are connected with the modification liquid source and through a system of valves controlled by computer.
An unconventional booth of the Dascanova Company at the prestigious international fair in Hannover presented the company vision of lightweight materials with the lowest possible density - zero. The so-called “flying box” should offer an unlimited power of innovation, having feet on the ground.

The Dascanova Company (based in Vienna, Austria) has been developing new technologies for wood-based panels. In the last three years, its innovations were rewarded with number of international research prizes (e.g. Josef Umdasch Research Prize 2010). The Dascanova Company owns more than 20 patents and patent applications worldwide until now and is cooperating with the high-ranked universities (e.g. ETH Zurich) as well as with the innovation leaders at the market.
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